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Meet Stephanie Larmore

My Divine Inspirations

Numerology |  Reiki | Oracle Card Readings | Akashic Records

Stephanie has always been very intuitive and has been offering her channeled paintings, energy work, and spiritual support to the public now for a few years. She is currently offering one on one appointments for:  Akashic Records Readings, Reiki, Numerology, Oracle Card readings, and House Clearings. She has studied metaphysics for 6 years and has completed her Reiki Master/Teacher Certifications.  Stephanie is also a Certified Akashic Records Reader.

Your path to wellness starts here! These offerings are designed to begin your path to less stress, less anger, more balanced energy and far more positive thinking patterns.

With Reiki, you will immediately begin to feel more peace in your body, less pain, and an overall sense of lightness and health. Immediately following a session you will be far more relaxed and in a place of peace. Then, over the next few days, the emotional clarity will also begin to allow you to see situations and circumstances in your life from a much more clear and positive perspective to help you to better align with your life purpose. These sessions also free you from the day to day junk that we tend to hold on to.

In an Akashic Records session, you will learn so many things about yourself that will help you to better understand, and work with, your natural tendencies to achieve more insight into your personal whys, how’s and what’s. These readings also confirm what you think and why you respond the way you do to certain situations. The Akasha can help you better understand everything from your overall soul’s journey to particular issues that arise currently.  Also, these readings can help you identify and break unhealthy patterns presenting themselves in your life.

Got a quick question?  Need a specific answer? A Card Reading could be for you. This is an amazing way to get a fast, specific, answer to a simple question you have.  Or even “what do I most need to hear right now” messages from Spirit.

My Numerology reports are tailored specifically to you! We offer compatibility reports for insight into your current relationship as well as soul path and projected year ahead information regarding how your numbers align with the current energies.

Chase that Rainbow, Dig in the Dirt, Live your Adventure

Stephanie Larmore is a Spiritually Driven Artist

Feast your eyes on some of the most inspiring channeled art collections you’ll find anywhere. Link to purchase some of these creations, or even contact the artist directly to commission your very own Mandala painting, using intuitive connecting to create your own soul interpretation. Most of our artists even welcome you scheduling some one-on-one time with them for an intimate look into their creative process.

Together we will dive into your shadows and bring them out into the light. What happens to a shadow when it is bathed in light? It becomes clearer, crisper, and easier to see it for exactly what it is. That my dear is what we are here to do!
We can’t make this life perfect, that’s not why we are here, perfection is where we come from, and where we go home to. This life is created for us to live that duality, learn to wade through adversity with love and grace in the knowing exactly what life is trying to show us at any given moment.
I can teach you to reconnect with your emotional compass that is given to every being to help us traverse this journey.
Book a free breakthrough session below to discover if working with me is the right step on your journey. After all, you landed here for a reason, didn't you?