You are not broken, you are the most beautiful, unique, work of art the universe has ever known!

Let yourself shine!

My Divine Inspirations Healing Metaphysical and Spiritual Wellness Center!

Have you ever felt stuck? Do you see yourself continuing to think, feel, and react in the same old patterns that have held you back from achieving the things you want in life? I work with our Creator’s Angelic Beings to help you heal and get back to your complete authentic self. I have been led to begin helping others as I have been helped, to dig in to old programming and attachments and release them to really embrace this life and planet and live much happier and healthier by reducing  stress, balancing energy, and changing old patterns of thought and behavior by releasing energy from the body using Reiki. God and His Angels want you to know you are so loved and supported and are eagerly waiting to help you on your life path! Regardless of your beliefs we can help you live a more abundant, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Now offering Numerology! I can help you to better understand yourself through interpreting your Destiny numbers using an ancient tradition of number values based on your name given at birth and your date of birth. These charts and reports are extremely useful to help you understand your Soul’s plan for this life, lessons here to learn, karma to solve, Compatibility reports, want to know if your significant other is truly compatible with you? I can help you by generating a full numerology report that can map your life or I can just calculate this years progression for you, ever wonder what the year will bring? What particular challenges to look for or if the timing is right for major changes?

Together we will dive into your shadows and bring them out into the light. What happens to a shadow when it is bathed in light? It becomes clearer, crisper, and easier to see it for exactly what it is. That my dear is what we are here to do!
We can’t make this life perfect, that’s not why we are here, perfection is where we come from, and where we go home to. This life is created for us to live that duality, learn to wade through adversity with love and grace in the knowing exactly what life is trying to show us at any given moment.
I can teach you to reconnect with your emotional compass that is given to every being to help us traverse this journey.
Book a free breakthrough session below to discover if working with me is the right step on your journey. After all, you landed here for a reason, didn't you?